How to watch VR Videos on my mac book?

Today, watching free vr  porn movies is routine for a lot of us, pretty much anyone with a VR headset that has given VR porn a try, has never gone back. Now for a lot of us, that being those with a smartphone and/or PC this is a breeze. However, Mac users aren’t quite so fortunate, due to the iOS restrictions, a lot of VR headsets simply won’t work together with a MAC, this makes watching VR porn on a Mac a frustrating experience at best and a nigh-impossible task at worst. That is why today, we’re going to bring you ways how to watch VR porn On your Macbook laptop.

Now, the first question is, what will your Mac need to get up to par with using VR on it? Well first of all, you’ll need an eGPU enclosure.

What is an eGPU enclosure?

An eGPU enclosure is essentially just a box that will stand next to your Mac and hold the bigger, beefier graphics cards which are usually made for PC’s. This will be externally connected to your Mac through a Thunderbolt 3 class port, which will let the Mac use the graphics card, this means you can have a much better graphics card built on the eGPU enclosure than within your Mac. With this, the Mac will finally be able to support VR headsets like the SteamVR which has officially announced it’ll support the Mac OS.

Presently, the company is offering a set of a eGPU enclosure and a Radeon RX 580 card, however after the eGPUs are publicly available, there will be more enclosures and GPU’s to choose fron.

Now you’re through with the graphics card, what else will your Mac need to run VR porn? While currently there are no official minimum requirements for the Mac, HTC lists an i5-4590 processor as the lower bar for being able to handle VR in general. This, together with 4GB of RAM is all you need, the Mac has had these specs since Mid 2015. The MacBook Pro using these specs since early on that year. Meaning if you’ve got anything newer than that, you’ll have the processor and RAM needed to run VR porn, meaning that the only thing you’ll need is  an eGPU enclosure for your brand new graphics card and you’ll be set.

Now obviously, you’ll also need a headset to do this, however there isn’t quite enough data on this at the present, currently the only headset we KNOW for sure will support Mac is the HTC Vive, as it was used in the demonstrations for the technology. The Vive is in coordination with the SteamVR platform, meaning that it’ll offer a superb user experience and support for Mac.

However, the SteamVR network is made of a lot of VR headsets, so it’s quite possible that more than just the Vive will support Mac once the tech is out.

This means that in just a few short months, you’ll be easily able to watch VR porn on your Mac, so I’d stock up on that Vive if I were you!