Five Tools to Make Beautiful Explainer Videos

If you’ve decided to make an explainer video, but don’t have the budget for a studio and can’t bring yourself to trust a freelancer, there are still some options available to you. Since the craze

If you’ve decided to make an explainer video, but don’t have the budget for a studio and can’t bring yourself to trust a freelancer, there are still some options available to you. Since the craze started, tools have poured out giving nearly everyone with any artistic talent, the ability to create great videos. In this article, we take a look at five such tools. Ready? Let’s jump right it!


Powtoon is a powerful online animation tool, which allows you to create free animated videos instantly. Their system is optimised for Work, Education, or Personal, and lets you create vibrant and dynamic explainer videos, suitable for any situation.  Your animations can be exported directly to social media, acrobat, PowerPoint, or to a mp4 file. You can collaborate with others, working on the same animation simultaneously, and Powtoon features tonnes of royalty free music, animations, characters, items and backgrounds. Most Recently, Powtoon now allows you to import live action video, to implement with your animated film. Powtoon is free, but to remove their corporate branding, you need to subscribe to their lowest plan, of $19 a month.


Animaker is a free and powerful tool, which feels like a mix between PowerPoint and real video editing software, like Sony Vegas. It is excellent for making infographics, and 2d cartoons. While Aniimaker is drag and drop, it features a timeline and many other powerful tools. Animaker has multiple tiers as well, To monetise or share the videos you create, you need Animaker’s business plan, which runs at $468 a year, or $49 a month. The business version allows for full HD videos and includes a massive library of animated maps, charts, characters, props, custom fonts, sound effects, music, icons, and text prebuilts. The Business plan also gives you full commercial rights to anything you create using Animaker!


Biteable runs for $99 annually and calls itself the world’s simplest video editor. I’m not sure how I feel about it. The results look nice, the animation is great, but something about the creation process feels off. It’s very simple, and almost everything is provided for you to piece together an excellent explainer video in minutes, yet it’s simplicity, and lack of ‘control’ may make Biteable less appealing so some. Though, the royalty free music library available to Biteable users includes some of the bests riffs, sounds, and melodies around.

Easy Sketch Pro

Easy Sketch Pro brands itself as the number one doodle animation software available. Now at 3.0, it has taken a complete overhaul, and now includes Facebook, YouTube, skype, and SoundCloud integration. Easy sketch also allows for some amazing transitions, from live action to animation, and vice versa. If biteable is unattractive, because of its simplicity and lack of control, then Easy Sketch Pro a meal to a hungry man. Easy Sketch has two business models, a standard at $67, and Business Pro which runs for $97, but includes more than 12,000 stock images and royalty free soundtracks.


VideoScribe is a tool for creating whiteboard animation videos. VideoScribe is an offline too, which requires no internet access, and is particularly adept at enabling its users to create and import their graphics into it, to be animated. VideoScribe can be purchased as a yearly business subscription for $144, or as a one-time payment for $655. There’s a business plan too, with the same features, but in bulk volumes. VideoScribe subscribers also gain access to the iPhone and IPad app so you can always take your projects with you on the go.

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