Guide to producing your first YouTube Tutorial

In case you were wondering how to create an awesome top rated explainer video, this tutorial can help. The guide on the best way to produce your first YouTube tutorial explainer video details the steps

In case you were wondering how to create an awesome top rated explainer video, this tutorial can help. The guide on the best way to produce your first YouTube tutorial explainer video details the steps to take. Explainer videos are being used by millions of people and companies all over the world. The reason for that is because of the power they have in reaching people. The mini video commercials allow a company to tell potential clients about their brands, products or services. Or they can be used by websites or private citizens to promote something.

The visual videos are extremely popular to anyone interested in marketing whatever they like. Some users offer them as video tutorials which are seen all over sites such as YouTube and Vimeo. People love creating them because the low cost explainer videos can be done without spending too much money or time. Coincidentally, there are several different types of explainer videos you can create. You may be asking yourself “do explainer videos really help?” or if they are worth it. The answer to those questions is yes.

Luckily, users now have a lot of tools to create explainer videos themselves. That option can help bring down the prices for explainer videos, depending on what methods you use. If you choose to make them yourself using software for explainer videos, that will save you money. In the event that you have already found your method or will decide on that later, below are some steps to follow.

Write Your Script Well

Everyone agrees that the most important part of any top rated explainer video, is the script. Without it, it may never be viewed by most people since you will have a hard time catching their attention. In addition, it is with your script that you will get to describe what you are selling or promoting. If you have problems writing your own, you can use high rated video production companies. Some such as SquareShip, have been around for years.

Get To The Point Quick

Many of the best whiteboard explainer videos have been short and to the point. Although there are some explainer videos which last a few minutes, most average about 30 to 120 seconds. You want to give your targeted audience the information they need as quick as possible. While you may be inclined to tell viewers everything, that is not the point. Your explainer video will be used to hook them and get them interested. The next step is to get them to find out more once they get passed the audio visual video.

Try Keeping It Simple

The last thing you want your animated explainer videos for landing pages to be is hard to understand. Even if you are using it for another reason, this requirement is the same. Keeping your explainer video as simple as possible will make it a top rated one. In fact most positive 90 second explainer videos reviews are always those which are short and to the point. The only thing you need to do is give your targeted audience the following: You present them with a problem, you offer them a solution and you show them how it all works. The last thing your video should have is the call to action.

Use Great Voice Overs

Even if you have a great script and well animated explainer video, it can fail. That’s because some people neglect to use the right voice with it. The best thing to do is utilize a professional voice. There are several sites which offer awesome voices for white board explainer videos. You can use your own voice if you feel comfortable enough. Just make sure that the audio quality is good. Also, make sure it has a professional tone to it. For bigger companies or individuals trying to reach a larger audience, using professional explainer videos voices are recommended.

Inject Some Humor

Depending on the audience you are targeting, you may want to inject some humor into your explainer video. There are millions of top rated funny explainer videos out there. They use some type of humor to get the person’s attention. Keep in mind that no matter who is watching, they always want to be entertained. Get your viewers to smile or use some type of surprise to get them to react positively.

The Visuals Of Your Video

A lot of people creating explainer videos think that the visuals are crucial. While they are important, the visuals are not as imperative as the other steps covered above. Simple animated explainer videos have been viewed and shared by millions. It is why whiteboard animated explainer videos are so popular. Your main focus should be on making sure you show your audience what the point of your video is. Utilizing graphics which are too complicated can often take away from your message.

Choose Some Great Music

In the same way that the voice of the explainer video is important, so is the music. That’s because using the right type of music can lead to invoking a viewer’s emotions. At the same time, you want to find the right sounds to accompany your explainer video. Watch highly rated explainer videos to get an idea of how they used great music to become so popular.

Once you are done, the only thing left for you to do is launching your explainer video. You can use a marketing plan or advertise on social media platforms. Make sure that you add your explainer video to your webpage. Share it and get people to share it with you.

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